Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Good Boot


Be Better.  So now the buzz of a new project is wearing off a bit.  Your prospecting muscles are recovering more quickly each day, and perhaps there is a day or two in the week when Go 90x is not exactly how you want to spend 90 minutes.  Here’s where we have to develop our mental toughness.  A few tips:

It Starts with a Decision:  excellence first arises in will and thought.  You know the Nike mantra.  We all face choices between finishing our calls or watching TV; blog post or laundry duty.  Twitter or wither.  Mental toughness is a big part of what we develop with Go90x.  Choose to be better.  That’s where it begins, between your ears.

Feelings or Actions?
: most people are driven by feelings.  We usually make a decision with our hearts and then justify it with our minds.  I’m tired, I’m afraid, and I’m frustrated are all legitimate feelings.  But they don’t have to determine our next actions.  A favorite quote from The Greatest Salesman: “Wise is he whose actions control his feelings.”

Call on The Reserves:  We each have a special power upon which we rarely call.  Moms lift cars when children are in danger.  There may be times this month when you have to pull out that inner super hero.  You’ve got a cape.  Put it on an make a heroic effort.  You can.

Lean on Me: Well, not me, but your partner.  One of the great things about having an accountability partner is the ability to share.  Let them know that today’s task is a tough one or that you are fried from phone calls.  A good listening partner will be sympathetic and then say with affection, “I understand.  Now get over it.”  At certain points along the Go90x trail, each of us is going to need a kick in the pants.  Don’t be afraid to apply a well intentioned boot.

We are 1/4 of the way through our iPad adventure.  It’s not easy.  Really, it’s not.  But it was designed to challenge you. Six calls and a tweet?  Yep.  Now go be better.