Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Go90x --- Rocks!!!!


Wow, I am overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and effort everyone put into the launch of Go90x today.  You all are AMAZING in the effort and focus that your brought to the tasks today.   I guess you really want an iPad, huh?   Time is running out on me this afternoon, but I want to acknowledge your great effort today.  Also, here's the link for your daily video:

www.gostuff.biz/go90x You can return to this link each day since Jim will be updating it.  (By the way he has worked so hard to create this program and the supporting materials.  Huge props to JG for creating Go90x!)

Please be sure to check in with Jim or Kevin at the office twice each work to review your steps and get signatures on each daily task; we do have to validate.

The videos will change each day to match the work out schedule in your handbook.   Your results - new clients, new contracts, and future closings - will be astounding.  And rockin' a new iPad will be pretty cool, too.