Monday, February 28, 2011

Go90X - The Finish Line


In one of my first coaching sessions with Kevin, Kevin asked me two important questions that I stumbled around trying to answer.  What motivates you?  Why do you work?  Like most people, I work because I need the money.  But, oddly enough, I am not motivated by money.  The thought of focusing on money, stresses me out. I like to think of money as a bi-product of hard work and not my sole focus.  Yes, I love the idea of more shiny shoes, big family vacations, and a not living pay check to pay check.  However, in real estate those dreams too often have seemed out of my control.  That was until Go90x!

When Go90x was announced at the Go Show a month ago, I found the answer to what motivates me.  Two words, competition and prizes!  It's that simple.  I love competition.  I love working together as a team on a task no matter how hard.  I love the pursuit of victory and the tiredness that you feel after a hard day of effort, knowing that you gave it all that you had.  I love having a list of goals that may seem impossible and being dared not to fail.  I love being doubted, because that makes me try even harder.  For me, it is not even the prize in the end that motivates me, it is the thrill of the competition.  (disclaimer: Unless the prize is an Ipad, then I want the prize too)

I learned so many amazing things from Go90x that I hope to continue well into the future.  I learned that phone calls can be quicker and easier than sending an email.  This was a shocker to me.  I found that people love when you tell them thank you (duh!)   I learned how to use my Top Producer to send post cards.  That only took 4 phone calls and 8 hours. I learned that an 8x8 is just a way to stay in front of a potential client, it is not rocket science.  I learned going back to the basics works.  Phone calls, hot sheets, and hand written notes are the most important activities in real estate. Plus, I learned what motivates me.

The Go90x experience has been amazing.  Thank you Jim and Kevin for your creativity, hard work, and belief in us.  You two are visionaries.  Once again I can say, that the second smartest thing that I have ever done in my life is join Go Realty.  I love you all!

Robin Evans '10