Monday, February 28, 2011

The Go90x experience...where do I start?


This has been on amazing journey.  In the past 7 years, I've only scratched the surface of Real Estate! This past month I have learned

more than any other time in my career. The tools that we were given were simple but USEFUL!

I'm really gratefully to Jim and Kevin for their vision and the opportunity they laid before us.

Let me tell you...I was not a listing agent at ALL!!!

I only had 2 lock boxes...I had to go and purchase more. Yeah!  I NEVER called 5-6 people a day on a consistent basis....Facebook for Real Estate, that would not have happened prior to

Go90x.  Tweeting...still DON'T like it!  Sending out mailings, cards, notes....what, NO WAY, prior to Go90x.

These real estate habits, WILL stay with me.  I've loved the results and the confidence

that I feel, when I refer to my real estate business.... This is my career!

My partner Michelle has been completely wonderful and supportive during this entire journey....I appreciate her and I'm thankful that she has taken the time to keep me on track!

LOVE You Michelle! (Fist Bump!)

I can honestly say that, I work at place that I enjoy and LOVE being a part of!  Go Realty agents are the Best!

Thanks Jim and Kevin!

Brenna Rouse '10