Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Part of the Team

After reading Alaina's blog from earlier this week, it inspired me to think:  Is this the start of a really long Downhill Run?  (read her blog  from Tuesday to connect the theme!)

Do you remember how you felt as a kid when your sports team was holding the first practice of the season?  You felt Excited, Nervous, Proud, Scared... all at the same time.  You didn't want to be the first kid to take batting practice, or be the first one to shoot a basket with all your new teammates and coaches watching!  They could laugh at you, you could fail miserably and be 'that kid' who everyone points at afterward.  Been there?  I sure have.  Then after a few practices, things get better.  You begin to like your teammates.  Things are good,  you are no longer thinking "why did my mom sign me up for this team!"    Then...the last practice before the first game... the uniforms are handed out.  What a moment!  Try it on, look at the number, take it home to show little brother how "Big" you are now.  I'm really part of this team.

Well, this week has been my moment with Go Realty.  The 'uniforms' were handed out yesterday in the form of Team Pictures for those of us newbies.  The referrals have started coming in regularly.  I'm really a part of the team!  Feels great, just like it did when I received my first 'Standard Oil' baseball cap and shirt in 1977... my first baseball team back in Iowa.  Except this team at Go Realty has much better players than my tee ball team had.  Most of those kids had never played ball before.  THIS team has a bunch of industry leaders, and players looking to turn real estate a different direction.  Its more like an all-star team. 

In my opinion, this Go Realty-PrimeLendning relationship is on the start of a really long Downhill Run.  I can't wait to see how 'steep' it can get!

Thanks Alaina for allowing me to tag onto your blog theme!


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