Saturday, January 22, 2011

Nervous Seller?

nervous imagesKevin had a request for our team: I would like everyone to give me their input on how to respond to a prospective seller who is nervous about listing with you because our company is new and small in comparison to the franchised companies. How have you addressed the topic?

Dear nervous seller...we totally understand how you feel...each of us at go have felt the same anxiety before making the move...what we have found is that the tools go provides us to market your home exceed Anything the big companies have. And I get personal training each week on the latest technology available in real committees, no waiting for the slow agents to catch up, go is moving quickly to be sure we can always market your home better than others!

Dear nervous seller, I used to work for one of the larger firms so I can understand your concern. But frankly, the Internet has leveled the playing field for those who know how to use it. When MLS data was released in print format every two weeks the size of your company mattered. Also, the stats tell us that over 90% of people start their search on line. And we speak that language. It's where we focus our time and money because thats where buyers are searching blah blah blah

Dear NERVOUS SELLER, Today the whole focus of searching for a home is on line. Statistics tell us that over 90% of people start their home search on line. Our firm maybe small but we are the most focused on technology. If you are not cutting edge and comfortable on YouTube, Yammer, Facebook, Twitter, Prosperous,Wordpress ect. you are not reaching the masses and you do not work for Go Realty! Some agents out there do not touch soical media. They are left in the dust and so would be your listing! So what are you waiting for? List with us!

Dear Nervous Seller - Go Realty only hires the best agents in the business. Quit worrying about Go Realty and worry about cleaning up your home so it has a chance to sell. ... maybe that's not quite what you were looking for..but true.

Nervous seller, I had the same questions when I chose to leave one of the large companies recently. Much of their approach is based on a market that no longer exists. They are having a hard time adjusting due to thier size and tradition. At GO, we have a group that is focused on the current market and what it takes to sell your home. We use every technology tool available to agents to market your home...not just put it in MLS and hope. Your listing in MLS stands out due to professional photography, but we also blog, and scream out on every social media site available about your home. Tried and true isn't always best.... There are times you just have to GO for it!