Friday, November 12, 2010

Tis the season'

Holiday-Marketing-Cartoon1-1024x834Are you already gearing up for your holiday cards to all of your past clients or figuring out how you are going to catch up with all the people on your contact list?  No worries....Top Producer to the rescue!  Top Producer has holiday themed templates to help you knock out your holiday marketing with adding that personal touch.

If you are sending a personalized letter you can set up a plan to supplement your action plan already so that it will repeat yearly and you don't need to recreate the wheel every year.  Not only can you use a template to add holiday spice to your letters you can also use it for envelopes and labels.

If you are more of an email person that have email stationary or you can update your signature to have a holiday theme as well.

There are postcards available for print through Live Post.  All of our desktop computers at the office have already had the software downloaded on them to make your life a little easier.  Never fear, there is also an option for you to export your contact list to a third party mailing system if that is what works best for you.

Explore all the options in this link:  Holiday Top Producer