Monday, November 8, 2010

How to take advantage of QR codes


Ever since the "QR code" controversy I am starting to see these things everywhere.  Here is a great article in Tech Savvy Agent to read all about how we can get the most out of using these codes in our industry.   I'm going to give you the quick version.

A QR code is a bridge to a website.  You can create these on several sites (just google QR code generator).

Since this is a marketing idea that is just starting to take off not everyone knows yet how to use or even what these are.  For this reason, you need to make sure to include directions on what to do.  Also, make sure that the website that you are directing traffic to is accessible on a mobile device.

Here are the Top 5 ways to use a QR code:

1. Lawn signs.  We are already on this!  We are working to add these onto the sign riders with the domain name. You can then use this to send people directly to the blog, to the virtual tour, or a video relating to the home.

2. Business cards.  You can make a video of yourself with a "it was great meeting you" video!

3.  Direct mail.  This could  be great for just listed postcards or for farming a neighborhood.  Make a video of why you like working with people in the specific neighborhood. You could talk or use images of the neighborhood.

4.  Put it on your vehicle.  It's better than a big picture of your face.

Look at this as a way to show off what a Tech Savvy agent that you are.  If you have any other great ideas make sure to share in the comments.