Thursday, October 7, 2010

This is my Olympics


I will never play professional football.  I am not big enough or fast enough. My basketball dreams came to an abrupt end when I was cut from my freshman High School team.  And baseball, well...let's just say I spent more time on the bench cheering for my teammates than playing.

Sports is not my thing.  I will never make it to the anything.

But that doesn't mean I can't create an equalling compelling filled with hard work, training, devastating losses, unbelievable victories, great teammates, fierce rivalries, hope, and crowds of cheering fans...

Go Realty is my Olympics.  Garman Homes is my Olympics.  And you are my teammates.  I don't wake up every day and say, "I can't wait to get to work and be mediocre."  Life is too short.  This is it.  Thank you for believing in this dream.