Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Make Your Guest List...Now


We are having ourselves a party!  November 13, 7 PM-10 PM.  Your job right now is to make your guest list.  Seriously.  Write it down.  Right now.  Here I go:

  • Britt & Dan - Upfit guys

  • Rob, Chad, Brett - Vernacular

  • Kelly @ CTI

  • Kelley & Michael @ Edge Office

  • Kermit @ Moes

  • Garman Team

You get the idea...everyone you can think of who has touched go or been touched by go.  Your clients this year.  Your lenders/attorneys/etc.  Make your  I will put 50 people on my list by the end of the night.

We are going to compile our list on a HUGE google doc.  And we are going to help you reach out to these people in a memorable way so that they come and celebrate our first year.  This is another opportunity to show off Go Realty to your sphere.

Make your list.