Thursday, October 14, 2010

iMovie. Let's get rolling.

Congratulations to those that attended the iMovie training today!! You are off to a FANTASTIC start with making some really cool movies.  As I said, it is the practice that will get you more comfortable with all of this video stuff, so go ahead, DIVE IN and let's get started!  A big kudos to Michelle Meyer who has already sent me some footage!

So for those of you that wimovie logoere unable to make it....I still have a request from you, and here it is...

Get me some video footage of someone that works OUTSIDE of GO, but who is willing to talk about us on camera!  Then, it is your job to record them!  What do we want them to say?  Well, we want them to say something along these lines...

"My name is John Smith, and I love Go Realty because they sold my house"

"My name is John Smith, and I WISH I worked at Go Realty."
"My name is John Smith, and I must admit, I secretly facebook stalk Go Realty."

You get it....anything funny.  We will use this footage as a follow up to a video that will roll out right before it where all of our agents are introduced to the public.

So let's get rolling.  I want to make sure everyone dives in on the video challenge.  You won't regret learning this skill.  It's truly going to set you apart as a real estate agent I promise.