Friday, October 15, 2010

Get the most out of what you have


People are all over the internet looking at homes now.  I am glad that we are with a company that utilizes all the technology that is out there.  Make sure that you are getting the most out of what is out there though.  To make sure you are here are some fun facts and tips.

Tour Factory:

Make sure that your contact information and a picture are uploaded on your site.  You want to make sure that people can find you when they want to check out your home you have listed.

Put your mls # in the information about each individual home tour.  This is how that virtual tour will make it over to 

After you are finished watching your virtual tour check the download button and save it to your computer.  You can then upload that to your YouTube channel.

Not sure what information to give your sellers this week.  You can pull a report from to show the hits that they have gotten for the week, month, and listing period. 

Can't remember how to login?  Scroll down to the bottom left of the main page and click For Realtors.  Choose Control Panel login.  [Your MLS: TriangleAreaNC  MLS identifier and password:  Your "R number" that you use to log into MLS]

Make sure that all of your contact information is there and correct.  You want the lead call afterall!

If you have an upcoming open house make sure to post it in there.  I usually see more traffic to my listings just because it says "open house"


Did you know that Zillow was the highest viewed real estate website last month according to comScore?  Have you claimed yourself there yet?  If you have not yet, check out one of your listings....if someone inquires and you are not "claimed" your lead will go to someone else.

To be one with Zillow look for the Register up in the top right corner. Once in fill out your profile and claim your listings. 

You can pull reports, add open houses, add additional photos and text about your listings.  The more the you "contribute" the higher you rank. 

If you need help on any of these don't be afraid to ask.... I can help you with that!