Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Be Memorable

Alaina's follow up email from yesterday...Beth Green's crazy karaoke video...the "walk-out" program...our tradition of saying "welcome to Go!!!"...

Be memorable.  If I could give one piece of marketing advice...this would be it.  Slick is so out of style.  Rehearsing is over-rated.  Your goal everyday should be to "Be Memorable."  To your friends, to your co-workers, to your prospects, to your closing attorney, etc.  Do something unexpected.  Send a thank you email for something completely routine.  Give a high-five when a formal handshake is expected.  Send flowers.  Drop off a card rather than mailing it.

People are hungry for something out of the ordinary.  Give it to them.  They will remember you.

Be memorable.  There is not a script for this.  It's an attitude.  Try it.  Tell us about it.