Monday, September 6, 2010

QR Codes. The wave of the future in marketing.

go realty qr code!Have you seen a pattern similar to this one?  Well, I hadn't until about a month ago when my husband told me it was the wave of the future in marketing.  And, suddenly, I started seeing these funny little black and white boxes everywhere!  So, what is the purpose of them?  Virtual marketing, instantly...generated from print advertising.  Basically, when scanned...this funny little black and white image connects to a website, or a facebook page, or anything you want it to.

So, how does it work?  Well, first you will need to download the app that will decipher these codes.  If you are on an Iphone, I recommend the app called Neo reader.  It's free.  After you download the app, just scan away, everytime you see an image like this and see what you get.

Now, once you download the app, go ahead and scan this.  I guarantee you will like what you see.  Now, the question is how will you use this information?