Monday, September 20, 2010

Journey to The Fringe


I ran across the phrase, "journey to the fringe" in a business book I'm reading called "The Future of Management."  It is a terrific book with a focus on innovation.  "Journey to the fringe" is exactly what we are about at Go.  Our goal is to get to the new technologies and new methods first.  We might even create some of them!   We also want to reach the customers who embrace those methods.  Currently we are looking to find the agents who not only embrace the developing digital age, but particularly those who are energized by it. Not everybody gets it.

When you're way out front, there isn't always a lot of company;  there is always a lot of criticism. It isn't easy being out here on the edge, but we can handle it.  I love that saying, "If you're not standing on the edge, you're taking up too much space."

For those of you already on the journey (in fact, you're defining it), I want to say thank you.  We have the challenges of a start up and the drama of being a young organization, but the energy and creativity are off the chart, chain, and hook  (not sure which one of those is currently the cool way to say it; Jenn get me straight on this).  I love working at Go, and I love working with our team; you're the best.  Let's boldly go forward into this week and into the success that we are creating.  It is a journey to the fringe, and I love being out here with you all.