Thursday, September 16, 2010

JG Blogging Manifesto

blog pic

Your blog is the foundation of your social media presence.  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc...these all are methods to publicize your blog, but please remember...your blog is where it all starts.  This is where your clients and prospects will get to know who you are...what your values you approach real estate and life.  It's an insight into your soul.  No pressure.

Types of Posts:

  • Answer Common Questions - This is my favorite.  I love this because these are blog entries that are timeless.  You can refer to them, send people to them, for years and years.  If you write a great entry about working with a private can get tons of mileage from it.  If you answer one common question a week, within a year you will have a freakin encyclopedia of key information for your clients.

  • Quick Videos - Do you have a favorite closing attorney?  Do a quick interview with them?  1 minute max.  If they happen to mention what a great realtor you are...that would be fine too!  Same with mortgage people, same with inspectors, same with past clients.

  • Fan Mail - Obviously, your clients' words mean so much.  Ask for the referral.  Ask for the note of recommendation.  Put it on your blog.  Put it on FB.  Get them to do a review.  We are going to spend an entire month working on getting fan mail.  Be ready.

  • Your Family - People love to get to know the person behind the realtor persona.  Let it hang out.  Write about family, ups/downs.

Those are just some ideas.  Also, remember you can use "Labels" or "Categories" so that your entries can be later filtered and grouped for easy reference.  This is a powerful tool that makes a lot of sense when you have hundreds of entries and need to help someone navigate to what they want to learn about.

Our outline from the class is available via PDF dowload.  Check it out.  And stay tuned for more blogging updates.