Sunday, August 8, 2010

Let's give 'em something to talk about....

target logoThis weekend was eventful for our family...we had relatives in town, we had school supplies to buy, and we had a big party to celebrate...Addy's 4th Birthday!

The weekend started off fabulous with my Mom and Stepfather arriving on Friday night.  On Saturday morning, we got up, had a few cups of coffee, and off my Mom and I went with the girls to Target to buy some needed school supplies for Halle so she could be "hip" in kindergarten.  Addy was joining us because she loves to go ANYWHERE.  In fact, I think her middle name is GO!!  As we arrived in Target, we followed the signs to the school supplies (strategically placed in the back of the store, so you must pass all of the toys and kids clothes first), and I immediately started looking for the items on the "list."  Mom had her eyes on the girls, so nothing much for me to worry about except getting out of the crowd as soon as possible.

About the time I felt like I had my groove on, (I was learning about the clear view binders and three punch folders), my Mom suddenly yelled out, "Allison, is Addy with you?" Of course she wasn't...I had already told her we were not buying school supplies for her!  I calmly said "No, she probably wandered over to the next aisle."  About that time, my mother looked at me with complete panic in her eyes and said, " I've looked all over, she's not anywhere in this area." BREATHE, ALLISON, BREATHE.  I began frantically calling her name, and meanwhile, my mother turned to a TARGET employee and said "we are missing a child."

What happened after that is what completely amazed me.  The employee got on his walkie-talkie and said "Attention, all Target employees, we have a Code Yellow." He immediately looked at my Mom and I and said "give me a description of your child, as much detail as possible, but no names please." While this was happening, literally as I said every word, it was repeated on the walkie-talkies.  I have never in my entire life seen so many people STOP what they were doing, and begin searching frantically for my child!! They assured me that officers were standing at all exits, and would not let anyone leave if they were with a child that remotely matched the description! That five minutes seemed like an eternity, but I got immediate relief when the person with me said, "Ma'am, I think we have her at the front of the store."  Sure enough, as I ran to the front, I was greeted with her sweet little smile, and this..."Mommy, I got losted."

Fast forward about five seconds to a thumbs up from me...and imagine my amazement, when over the walkie-talkie's I hear a voice that relays this message..."Code Yellow cancelled...Thank you for your help Joe, Laura, Whitney, Suzanne, Chris, etc....ALL of the employees by name that had reported their areas as clear (meaning "No missing 4 year old in my area").....Now THAT is what I call SERVICE.  I've told everyone this weekend about Target...I even put it on FACEBOOK!

That's the level of service I want everywhere I go.  I will shop at Target alot more because of the service they delivered on Saturday.  At a very emotional time for me, they delivered on an exceptional level.

So, how does this relate to us?  Our clients make a very emotional decision to purchase or sell their home thru Go.....I can honestly say I think all of you deliver like no one else, Target style.  From our blogs, to our awesome virtual tours, professional signage, and everything we put into our work.  It is a level most companies will never even explore.  Think about the memories you are helping to create, with each individual client.  They're talking about you I promise.  Heck, they may even be blogging about you.  Let's give 'em a LOT to talk about.