Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Whole 'Nother Level

GSGeorge Steinbrenner and a small group of co-owners purchased the New York Yankees in the 1973 for 10 million dollars.  At the time of his passing a few days ago, the franchise was valued at 1.5 billion. During his 37 years as owner, the team won 7 World Series Championships.  The numbers speak loudly, just like George.  He had his share of shortcomings, but George was definitely passionate:

There's a 110% in every man. 10% more than he thinks there is, including myself. I want to get into that 10%.

"I want to get into that 10%" -  I love that thought!  What will happen when you get to that level?  What will happen when Go gets into that zone?  Let's find the special 10%.  It's in you.  And in us.