Sunday, July 11, 2010

Swim. Bike. Run. Check.

TriathlonFor Zach...a commitment to himself that he fulfilled today.  He probably thought he was crazy initially, but then...after a lot of hard work, belief, and a commitment to himself....he rolled out of bed this morning and SHOWED UP at the race READY TO GO.  His family even arrived with him and was there to cheer him on!

For Melonie....time to conquer a fear that set in last year at exactly this time...that DREADED SWIM....the first leg of the race, and in her mind, the hardest part.  Many other participants were probably thinking to themselves after the swim was over, "WOW, I can't believe I still have to get on a bike AND RUN."  I seriously doubt this is what was going thru Melonie's head.  Instead, I'm thinking she was about to do backflips to get out of the water and CELEBRATE the fact that she had just officially conquered a HUGE FEAR that she would NEVER AGAIN revisit.  On to bigger and better things!

For Phil....just another "link in his chain"....on the way to KONA that is!  Probably part of his regular workout routine today, he just worked it a little HARDER and placed FIRST for this EASY race for him.

For all of you...Congratulations!  You make all of us proud of the commitment you put into the race today.  Swim. Bike. Run. (All while having fun with friends). CHECK.