Monday, July 12, 2010

Championship Performance

VictoryI'm a sports freak.  I admit it.  But one of the reasons I love sport is because of what it teaches.  Yesterday there were two championship performances of which I know.  Melonie, Zach, and Phil achieved their goals in the local Triathlon; read more about that one in Allison's post.  The other championship performance was turned in by Spain as they won the most watched sporting event on the globe - the World Cup.  Congrats to the Spaniards!

It raises the question: "What does it take to perform at championship level?"  Here are three commitments that champions make:

1. Time:  It takes an investment of time to perform at championship levels.  Spectators see the 90 minutes of play or the three hours of a triathlon or the 10 seconds of the 100-yard-dash.   High level performances are always accompanied by YEARS of preparation.  What you do today is the key to getting to that championship performance in the future.   Today is the most significant time you have to prepare and perform.  Never tomorrow, always TODAY.  At Go we are six months into our investment to build the Triangle's champion real estate company.  We will do it. Each of us is making the time investment.

2. Sacrifice:  There is an old maxim, "Every yes is a no."  Great achievement takes sacrifice: getting up on time, working when others are playing, putting money into training and education, addressing criticism for doing things differently.   It is also making prospect calls when you want to leave early, driving across town for one more showing, and "I can help with that" when it really isn't your responsibility.  Sacrifices are hard, but we embrace them because they are the seeds of championship.

3. Passion:  yesterday the Spanish goal keeper wept in joy on the field after the game.  So did some of the great players from the Netherlands who cried in sorrow.  Both were demonstrating passion.  Performing at the highest level is a part of their individual identity; it multiplies in the collective team identity.  I believe everyone of us on the Go squad is passionate about achieving our sales goals, about making this crazy company work, and about us becoming the funnest, most treasured, and most profitable real estate company in the Triangle market.  We have a LONG way to go, but we can already see it.  We have serious vision.

Confetti awaits us.  Let's make this week a championship performance.