Thursday, June 17, 2010

"Would you mind getting me a coffee?"

walk outCheers to our first official walk-out that WE bought coffee for...THANKS Jeff for a lot of LAUGHS!  If you weren't there, you missed the entertainment for the afternoon!  Jeff opened the door (and clearly indicated he was a walk out)...only to be greeted by all of our loud voices screaming...WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Melonie chimed in with her sweet voice (and the hot outfit helped too), and said "Would you mind getting me a coffee too?"  Of course, how could he resist?  To top it off, after Melonie went and bought HIM a coffee, he came back in to tell us that we made his whole day!!!  Can you imagine how many friends he will tell about that one simple act of kindness?  Glad I got to see our plan in action....and big thanks to Melonie for playing right along with it.  That was AWESOME!!!!  Looking forward to the next WALK-OUT!!