Friday, June 25, 2010

What Did They Say?!

Closeup of happy young friends smiling lying on white floor and

As we approach the end of our Tribal Studies for July, here's one more idea generated by Seth Goddin:

... you get to choose the tribe you will lead.  Through your actions as a leader, you attract a tribe that wants to follow you. That tribe has a worldview that matches the message you are sending.

So, what message are you sending?  Do you like the tribe that is following you?  In six days, we break for the half-time of 2010.  Now is a good time to analyze whose in your tribe.  Not so much personally, but as a group, what do they reflect?  Are they the people you want to help promote your causes, your mission, your joys?  If we don't like the quality or size of a tribe we lead, the tribe may not need to change.  Perhaps we do.  It is rarely a choice between good and bad that determines achievement; success is more often a matter of clearing a few specific obstacles that stop other teams or individuals.  Some of our actions may need change to move from good, adequate, and acceptable and cross the threshold into great, exceptional, and surprising.  I'm not sure what the answer is for you, but here's a great question:  If my tribe speaks for me, what am I saying?