Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The movement has started....let's take it up a notch!!!

balloon photoWe've asked the first question in our series of Go Files, and look at what happened!!!!  All of a sudden, a flurry of people on our facebook page threw out their passionate responses for why they work!!  On the first day alone, we received 40+ responses.  Now, let's really TRY.  Remember all of those people we were calling that said they would post?  Have they?  If not, call them, and let's make sure we reach our goal of 100 in the first week!!  It's an easy task, but we must ask for the response rather than HOPE it will happen.  Remember, if you asked your friends to help with this, and they said they WOULD, it's okay to call them if you haven't seen their response yet!! Another idea...go the The Go Facebook page and Share the message so that it comes personally from you!!

Activity CREATES ACTIVITY.  Let's take this up a notch.  We've got it in us.  The sky is the limit on what we CREATE with our fans.  But it starts with asking them to participate.