Thursday, June 3, 2010

Kevin to Stop Sucking at Blogging!

stop-campaignI am taking a concept from our recent In Box Zero philosophy;  I am going to stop sucking at blogging.  For months I have been suffering through the guilt and shame of not blogging, not enjoying my blogging, and being in the midst of all our blogging focus.  Woe WAS me!  Thanks Alaina for your blog - inspiring me to evaluate my approach and rekindling my blog fire.  Blogging should be fun.  I had to ask and answer why mine wasn't fun.    The new 2.0 blog for Kevin is now unleashed.  Thanks to Ellen, one of our high tech angels, I will soon have the url  in all its naked glory.  Until the cyber dust settles down, please check: .  I currently have two posts: an introduction and my first daily.  Please let me know your feedback, sign up to follow and help me get subscribers ... at least a 1,000 - right, Jim?