Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Half Time!

Make sure you click on that video link to get the flavor and a bit of fire!   All great teams and players learn to make in-game adjustments.  So get ready for your half-time in 2010.  I encourage you to take thirty minutes in a quiet place with pen and paper.  Here are a few suggestions to get you started on your half time review:

What have I accomplished this year in each of the following categories? Professional, physical, mental, relationships, family, spiritual .  Consider how these achievements made you feel. Write those descriptions! Also write down the most important steps that helped you accomplish them.  It is very important to reinforce, reward, and celebrate the behaviors that produce success.

Next, look at your goals for this year or this past month or quarter.  How are you doing? REALLY!  If you are off pace, what do you need to correct your course?  If those goals from January seem like a weight around your neck ....  Cut yourself lose!!! Make some new ones that fit better for the second half.  Goals should inspire, not deflate, your energy and efforts.

Last, don't lose your paper.  Get ready for your next 1:1 with Allison starting the week of July 11 ( she needs a vacation too!).  Use your WRITTEN review to launch  into a wildly second half of the season.  Remember the Titans!