Friday, June 4, 2010

GROWILD....another new FRIEND OF GO!!!!

Amanda HarrimanThe list just expanded with our addition of Amanda Harriman!  You've heard me talk about here she is!  In true Go Style...Amanda put it simply..."I came up with the idea of Growild Granola in a dream!"  What do most people do when they wake up from a dream?  They disregard it.  Not Amanda, she took it and ran with it.  Thus, the birth of Growild Granola!

Amanda lives in Raleigh, and it is just her making the granola each week in a caterer's kitchen!  Oh, I didn't mention that this is her SIDE JOB!  Right now she is working for Cisco full time!  How does she do it all?  It's what you do when you're passionate about something, right?

After starting with promotions at local fairs and festivals, her organic & vegan recipes soon made it into Harmony Farms, Peppers Market, NOFO (Raleigh), The Veggie Wagon in Wilmington and the big one...WHOLE FOODS in Raleigh!  She's now approved for 18 Whole Foods stores in the South, but hasn't gotten an order from them yet.  Let's get the word out there!  She brought us a sample of one of her favorite flavors that is in the kitchen for all to taste.  Let her know what you think!  And then, let your FRIENDS know what you think.  Then, Cary folks...stroll on over to Whole Foods and request her granola!! Remember, that's how we started here.  Can't wait to help Amanda get big and GROWILD!!  Follow her on Facebook and Twitter (@Growild).

P.S.  Cute packaging, huh?  Our very own Kelty Brittle designed it for her!  How cool is that?