Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Great Harvest Bread Company...another FRIEND of GO!!

great harvest logoI am excited to announce that we have added another FRIEND of GO to our list!  Paige and Tom Williams are the local owners of Great Harvest Bread Co. in Cary!!   I've lived in Cary for 4 years now, and never even knew about Great Harvest, until Kevin told me about Paige!  I was pleasantly surprised to meet Paige today and discovered that her bakery is the only bakery in the area that GRINDS THEIR WHOLE WHEAT FRESH DAILY!!!  In fact, their baker arrives at work at 3:00 in the morning, AND all of their loaves are kneaded by hand!  Amazing!  All of their products are made from scratch, nothing EVER frozen.

Paige has not done any advertising except in Cary Living, but has built her business on word of mouth....sound like us?!  She knows many of her customers by their first name, and that's how she likes it!  Paige shared with me that she is scared of getting "too involved" in social media, for the fear it may take away from her customers while she is "updating her status" on facebook and twitter....we'll help her with this!  In the meantime, many of you had a chance to taste the bread that Paige sent to our office today, so help spread the word....there's a bakery in town that is doing things differently!

In addition...Paige shared that she gives all of her extra bread away to two organizations that she helps.  She also does sponsor some of the local 5K races, etc....You know I told her about all of our athletes!!  So, the next time you are driving thru Cary and need a fresh loaf of the finest bread around, stop by and see Paige.  She's at the corner of Maynard and High House across from Wendy's.  And make sure you tell your friends about her.  In the meantime....begin to look for some facebook action and tweets about Great Harvest!