Thursday, June 10, 2010

Clients LOVE Robin!!

Crobin evansongrats to Robin on this awesome feedback from one of her clients!


My previous experiences with two N Carolina realtors, were a royal pain in the ass. I was lied to, put off, delayed, tried to screw me on home inspections, attorney billings and you name it...was most unhappy and disappointed with the whole NC reality system.....I was expecting more of the same when my realtor friend from The Keys connected me with you and Robin. I am happy to say, that I was mistaken and the experience with Robin and your firm turned out to be a pleasant and rewarding buying experience.Yes, we are happy with the condo and things seem to be going well for Daughter in her new surroundings .I thank you for your follow up and concern for our well being, satisfaction and true interest in helping improve the quality of your sales people and your company. I feel we will cerentenly be a repeat customer in the future.The positives on Robin....She did what ever she said she would do, she returned calls, emails,fax's, in a most timely manner, she was easy to get ahold of, she promised less and delivered more, she was pleasant, friendly, very knowledgeable of the market and sales details, she seemed to be truly interested in meeting out needs and wants.Robin  I condiser a Friend now and more then a sales person who just handled a deal, she has been in contact with me on another deal in the making, she was very nice to my wife Mary Jo and she was pleased with Robins attention to detail too....Robin was good to our Daughter, Joanna, and they have spoken a time two since the sale. Robin was very helpful in recommending us a service / repair man who turned out to be very reliable and honest.The negatives about Robin are the following..........I really do NOT have any ! Robin responded to my needs and expressed her opinions and we were able to work thing out , before,during and after the sale.I have "NO" faults with her sales abilities or dealings with me and my Family.

Robin is a fine sales person and Friend....she spoke highly of you and your company at all times...she represents your Go Realty in the most positive light.

Jim, I hope the above comments are well received, and please share with Robin if you so choose.

Sincerely....John R. Gohmann