Thursday, June 3, 2010

Check this new friend out!

michael youngYou may have met this guy at one of our functions at Go...if not, get to know him well because he is a new official FRIEND OF GO!!  Robin Evans introduced me to him, and I've gotta tell will be super impressed to find out more about him.  For his REAL job, Mike is a partner at Parish Pulleyn & Young Wealth Management Firm.  If you need someone who really cares about you and can help you with will and estate planning, college funding, making sure you have liquid assets for emergencies or avoiding identity theft, this is your guy.   Like I said, this is his REAL JOB, and he loves it.

On the side, he just happens to be working on a HUGE PROJECT.  It's called the SEW CENTRE.  Don't try to google it yet because you won't find it.  I'll give you the real "inside scoop" here.  For starters, it will be 150,000 square ft. Sports, Education and Wellness facility.  The $27 million project will feature a school (PK-8th grade), 2 NHL size hockey rinks, 1 half size hockey rink, a roller rink, 4 fields for lacrosse, SNAP Fitness 24 hr. gym, Urgent care & wellness center, offices and two restaurants.  It will be located in the Brier Creek area, and currently Mike has narrowed down to three sites as options.  His goal is to begin opening around Christmas 2011.  Mike is currently talking with some very large companies about naming rights for the facility (you know, name on the building for everyone to see).  So there you have it, your glimpse into what could be the next biggest project in our area.  Trust me, get to know this guy.  Not because he does all this, but because you will REALLY LIKE him.  He's cool, he's us.  And he's already supporting us.