Friday, June 11, 2010

Can a real estate company create a movement?

crowdStop.  Think about it.  We will challenge this next week in the social media front.  Your first assignment...bring in a picture of WHY YOU WORK.  Is it for your family, a place you're dreaming of for vacation, your retirement, is it to give you the ability to shop whenever you want?  What is your REASON?  Make sure your picture is on your computer because we will ask for it Tuesday in our meeting.  Be ready.  Next, think of ten facebook friends that will do anything you ask them to do on facebook.  Tee them up this weekend or Monday for a project that you want their help on for the next few weeks.  Don't worry....they will simply be responding to our requests on Facebook. It's an easy assignment.

Get Ready...the movement will begin on Tuesday.