Thursday, May 6, 2010

Oh Happy Day! MLS is now Mac Friendly!

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The steps below will guide you through the installation and access the IDS Links program, which

enables you to access your MLS system through a Macintosh computer.

1. Open your Internet browser and navigate to .

Yes, you can now access MLS on your Mac without using VM Fusion.  However, to do so you will have to follow the steps below.  You can find these steps when you log into MLS, but I thought that I would share the steps with your as my first Go News Post.

1. Open internet browser and navigate to

2. Click on here link to open the install dialog

3.  Click Continue

4.  Select HD on which to install the application and click Continue

5.  Click Install

6.  A message will inform you when the installation is complete.

7.  Click Close and Restart your computer

8.  Click the Mac HD icon and open the Applications folder.  Control-click the IDS icon and select Make Alias

9.  A new icon will appear in your applications folder named IDS Alias.  Click and drag the IDS Alias icon to your desktop.  This will create a shortcut to the IDS Links program

10.  To use the program, double-click the IDS icon .  Type in the Server Address box, and then click the Connect button

11.  Enter trianglemls as the user name and dre2EpE5 as the password (the password is case sensitive, and the credentials will be stored after the first login)

12. Click Login.  The main application window will open

13.  Click on the icon that represents your MLS program to open your MLS site.  Log on the site as you normally would.