Thursday, May 6, 2010

"Go is so different"

This comment was made to me yesterday during a meeting with a prospective agent to join our team in January.  "Everything about Go is just so different....the office location, the office layout, the client photos on the wall, and the MAC computers...I just love it!  But the thing that stood out the most was when my sister and I walked thru the front door and EVERYONE said hello!  I immediately knew Go was exactly the place that I wanted to be."

Jim has said it before....this place cannot be duplicated.  Sure, we can build another office that LOOKS exactly the same, but it's what is on the inside and the team that has been put together that are the icing on the cake.  You MAKE people want to work here!  All the right ingredients make the perfect recipe.  Oh, and by the way....that PERFECT agent who you all will love has made the decision to join us in January!  She believes it is worth the wait!