Thursday, May 6, 2010

Inbox Zero - Step 3 - Go Time!

Go Icon - Green

There are exactly nine more steps after this one...but this is the BIG ONE!  This is the one where we clean out your inbox COMPLETELY.  Right now.  Do it.  We'll spend the next week helping you with techniques to deal with the onslaught that will still be coming, but go ahead and take the plunge.  It's much more fun learning the next nine steps when you can see the light!

Create a folder called..."Z - Old" or Z - Bye Bye" or something like this.  Why the "Z" and space dash space?  Well, two reasons.  First, I'm in love with space dash space.  It is my favorite naming convention technique.  Second, the "Z" will be sure this folder goes to the bottom of your list of matter what you name it, it will go to the bottom, where it belongs.

Now don't worry, you can always jump in here and poke around from time to time, but I think you will quickly find you don't need to go here much. we roll through the next nine steps next week, if you need to do another dump into the "Z - Get out of my life" folder...that's ok.  No harm.

The guy who started inbox zero says before you can be great, you must stop sucking.  Well, this is the moment when you stop sucking with your email management.  And very soon, we'll teach you how to be great!

I want to see some yammers from people who accomplish this step!  Go!