Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Color Copy Scandal

A big thanks to Jenn Cole (Miss 875 copies) for putting up with so much ribbing last week.  I must say, I never realized how fun it could be to overcharge people until this whole incident and the subsequent facebook/yammer follw-up.  If I had known this, we would have started overcharging back in January!  ; )

So we learned a few things:

  1. We need to clear out copy codes from the desktops...otherwise other people may inadvertantly be using your code.  We will work hard to be sure these are cleaned out.  And please check yourselves that your code is not saving.

  2. If you are printing something in black and sure you choose black and white.  Otherwise you will be charged for a color copy unnecessarily.

For April, here's what to tell us how many color copies you think you made, and pay us accordingly.  We trust you.  For May, we will go by what the computer says, so please pay attention to the two items above.

Thank goodness for transparent government...this is how we learn.  Thank you.