Monday, April 19, 2010

What does GREAT look like?

social-media-points52In the world of Go, Social Media looks great when our company does it like this...

1 Video/wk on You Tube

14+ Tweets/wk with at least 7 being "REAL ESTATE RELATED"

20+ new fans a week on Facebook

Go posting everyday on Facebook with at least 15 fan responses to those posts per week

10 new pictures posted to our Flickr account each week

20 new posts on Go News each week

4 new blog posts on the Go Realty website

There you have it...we're not going for GOOD, we're going for GREAT.  By the way, that doesn't mean we will utilize everything you see in the above picture, but we will be taking advantage of growing our business exponentially using social media.  I'll be talking with all of you about how this will help benefit you, and how you can help.  Get ready, while the rest are trying to be mediocre, we are taking GREAT to the next level.