Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Preparation is key

golden keyHave you ever wondered how some people seem to get it all done, and on top of that make it look EASY??  The key to this very admirable trait is being organized.  That means planning your work, and working your plan. We discussed this in our time management class last week, but I felt it was worthy "news" that may be helpful for those that couldn't attend.

I start planning my week ahead on Sunday night.  It starts with putting in all of my PERSONAL appointments FIRST on my weekly calendar. (ie: taking girls to school, picking up, family night, date night, you get it)  This is followed by work appointments that I have set up for the week.  I then start on my "to-do" list.  What do I need to accomplish on Monday?  5 prospect calls?  Read/follow up on emails?  Grocery Store?  Where will I fit it all in?  By cutting my time into 15-30 minute increments thruout the day, I allow myself a time commitment to get these things accomplished.  Try dividing your day into a full day of appointments.  If you're asked at 8:00 in the morning what your day looks like...YOU SHOULD KNOW.  If not, you're headed to a path of nowhere.

I would love to help each of you individually work to master the art of making every second count.  You'll find that at the end of your day when you can look back and see and feel what you've accomplished will leave you feeling fulfilled.  But it starts with preparation.