Friday, April 23, 2010

Paperwork 2.0

scans basket

Imagine...a future where your files are scanned and available the same day.

Imagine...a future where transactions are processed within 24 hours...and the scoreboard is accurate!

Imagine...a Broker in Charge who can review, comment, and even initial documents online.

You guys have been great to work with us Paperwork 1.0.  We have learned a lot of things listening to you, our angels, and Kevin.  A few of the things we learned:

  • Our process was too cumbersome!

  • There wasn't a good way for Kevin to review documents

  • Days could pass before our back office system caught up to the incoming basket

  • There wasn't a good way to jumpstart a listing without all the paperwork

  • Basecamp could not email out documents...a pain!

So we are taking another stab at this...Stay tuned for more updates here! \JG