Friday, April 23, 2010

Paperwork 2.0 - No More Files on Basecamp

So...Basecamp made the cut...but uploading your transaction files didn't.  We have heard from you guys that you LOVE having the files available on the web, but that basecamp has some drawbacks...large files, can't email them, and it often takes us several days to get them posted.

Well...we hear you!  And we are making changes.  Number 1:  Transaction files no longer will be uploaded to Basecamp.  Number 2:  By June 1st, you will have a new web access to ALL your files through Laserfiche.

The cool thing about Laserfiche is that this is where all your documents are stored from the moment we scan them in.  So there is no extra step to upload your documents because they are already THERE!  The other cool thing is that there is a great web interface that will allow you to view all your docs...rendering them quickly...and it will even allow you to email from the system.

We will continue to use BC to manage our to dos, but no longer for files.

In the 37 days between now and June 1st, if you need any PDFs from your transactions, just ask the angels.  We can send them to you right away.