Monday, March 22, 2010

Our Websites - Next Steps


Friends - We have been hard at work on the websites.  Some of the cool things that Ellen is working on that you may not even realize...

  • Finished up Garry & Kevin's websites

  • Chased down front page blurbs and bios - Still need a few bios!

  • Adding YOUR fan mail to our main page...this is so cool.  Ellen will be rotating through your pictures and fan mail on our MAIN page and also our FAN MAIL page

  • Swapping out "Why Lindsay" for simply "Blog" - Duh

  • Being sure "contact me" page goes to your email

  • proofing your listings each week, so that they are on Go Page

Here's what we need from you...Dive into your pages.   Post to your blogs.  Change your front page blurbs.  Double check your links work to your listings.  In short, make your website something you work with every day just like you do Facebook.  Just 10 minutes of poking around will pay off.  Ask Ellen, I usually find 2-3 improvements we can make just with 10 minutes of surfing our sites.

Upcoming enhancements:

  • A Tab for "Search" will be added to our main page

  • "SOLD" banner will be added to sold listings

  • YouTube button on bottom of main page

Constantly improving.  Kevin is right.  This is no time to rest on our laurels.  Having a cool brand is a fun, but small piece of the puzzle.  We want to be the best real estate company in the Triangle.  And every person here can help us do that.