Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Go Realty Difference

Loved our discussion today! What a difference a few months makes...in January we talked about the things we HOPED would make us different... today were able to talk about what IS making us different. And it is working!

Just to recap some of the great comments today:

  • Our Energy - Both online and in person, our energy is our greatest weapon.  Zach mentioned that friends have told him that he is like a different person...people notice when you love what you do.  Keep this going!

  • Our Office Vibe - Builds on the energy thing...welcoming people as they come through the door, encouraging each other.  Helping each other. 

  • Our Blogs - This is our #1 tool that will set us apart.  And it is working.  Now that we have the hang of the technology, it only takes an extra hour or so.  And it is powerful.  That sign rider that shows the web address sets us apart, please speak up if we can help you get the hang of this. 

  • Our Tour Factory - Well, so its not an exclusive deal as Jimmy C pointed out...but I promise you we are the only firm in town that pays for this on EVERY listing.  Be sure your clients know this. 

  • Professional Measuring - Ahhh...Jenn had her first one last week, what a treat that was.  Again, be sure your clients know that Go believes that we shouldn't wing this, we want to get it right and post it and use it in your marketing. 

  • Client Focus - The wall of pictures says it all.  No ego here.  Not about us, about our clients. 

  • Social Media Savvy - Who else in town can speak social media better?  None of us are perfect, but we all have a proven commitment to embracing this stuff.  We will get there together. 

Most of all, we are fun to work with!  Never lose sight of how important that is.  People love working with an agent who LOVES what he/she does.  Be that person.  Share the excitement with your clients. 

And then ask for the referrals.  After all, they'd be crazy to send their friends anyplace else.  \JG