Thursday, April 1, 2010

Business Card Smack Down

card mockup

I loved our discussion on Tuesday.  Thank you guys.  Building this brand is going to be a series of these gut-checks.  We won't always go down the right path the first time, but I do love that we can sit together and listen to each other.  As I said on Tuesday, it warms my heart that no one misses the MLS logo, or the Realtor logo, or their fax number, or their picture.   This is good.

There are great arguments for including a website address and our physical address.  I totally get it.  And I will be chewing on this over the next few days.

Thanks again for the great dialog.  When you feel storm clouds gathering on the next issue, feel free to call "smack down" and let's huddle up and listen to each other.  I'm afraid you are at the mercy of a dictator...but a benevolent one at that!