Monday, February 8, 2010

Website this week...

Big stuff happening this prepared...

  • Fair Housing Logo - Yes, it's coming!  But with a twist.  Stay tuned!

  • All Agent Websites - We have four more to spin out, these will be done by Thursday!

  • Facebook/Twitter - Rather than newsletter, these will link to FB & Twitter on main page

  • Blog Posts - It's time to get back on this, for the world to see all the cool stuff we are doing!

I have already linked to agent websites that we have built.  I realize they are in latin still, that's ok.  It's kind of a tradition now.  We are standing by to upload content.  Here's content you need to write for us:

  • Main Page Intro - 3-4 sentences

  • Agent Bio - Feel free to include links

  • Fan Mail - Need love letters from your fans, ideally from those who we took pictures of!

Gretchen's last batch of pics will be back this week.  We'll be helping you upload info, you focus on writing the copy, we will get it uploaded for you.