Friday, February 26, 2010

Things aren't always Black and White...

parks johnny jump upBut sometimes they are.

Remember that awesome photo shoot you had with Gretchen back in January?  Bet you thought she forgot about you.  Don't worry...she didn't!  She's an artist and wanted to make sure she got everything right...and guess what?  SHE DID!  The pictures are ready for everyone to see and will be on display (I hope) at her party tomorrow from 430-6 at the Go Office.  I really hope you guys can take the time out of your busy Saturdays to come by and see Gretchen and thank her for the enormous amount of time she spent on getting these pictures just right for you and your clients.  I think you'll be happy with what you see!  Here is a super secret preview...(I'm only a little biased on this one!)