Monday, February 1, 2010

Paperwork Flowing!

We have learned so much over our first month together.  I wanted to take a moment an update everyone on the best practices that have evolved for paperwork filing at Go Realty...

  •  is now active, it goes to Melonie's email box, she will strip the attachment from the email and file it.   The body of the email will not be saved, just the attachment.

  • Transaction Summary Sheets - Thanks to Ellen, we have wonderful summary sheets that will take you about 2 minutes to fill out.  Be sure each new deal gets one of these.

  • Use Paperclips, not Staples.

  • Random Paperwork - After the initial paperwork is turned in, there are always odds/ends that you want to add to the file.  Ammendments, inspection reports, etc.  That's cool.  But here is the rule...The front page of each document MUST have the address and your initials.  This will allow us to file it.  If the document is multi-page, use a paperclip.

Kristi's job is to constantly compare MLS to BC to LW (our back office system).  Please be very responsive to her if she has a question, she just wants to make sure we have it all right.

There is a new basket in Heaven called "Scan ASAP" - All transaction related docs should go there.

Hope this helps a little.  Comments welcome.  \JG