Thursday, January 7, 2010

Meet Janet!


This is Janet.  She's moving here from New Jersey because she is tired of cold, grumpy people.  She showed up at our office with Robin last week to start her house search.  And Robin, bless her heart, who was standing in for Michelle while was out of town, was trying to not only figure out what Janet was looking for but also how to function in an office that was not fully operational.

The internet connection had issues, MLS had issues, and of course printing was a disaster.  But here is the cool thing...through it all, Robin had a great attitude.  The angels had a great attitude.  We made fun of ourselves, we made fun of technology.  We played fun songs.

A few days later on January 1st, Michelle was back in town and working with Janet...only to discover her license transfer was not complete...her MLS could not print...and her CSS showing code was not activated.  Through it all, Michelle was calm, cool, and collected.  With everyone's help, it all worked out. Janet was just blown away by our attitudes and how fun it was to hang out with us.

Notice how she is dressed up in this picture shot on January 1st...she heard we were having a party and she told me she wanted to look good!  How cute is that?

Guys - Remember Janet.  Remember how Robin and Michelle made her experience magical, despite the worst glitches.  And always remember to BRING YOUR BOOMBOX.