Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year Go Realty!

go realty 01.01.10.

Team - It's just us now.  Robin, Lindsay, Jenn, Zach, Gian, Michelle, Lori, Susan, Paige, Jim, Garry, and Kevin.  Our angels...Ellen, Melonie, and Kristi.  And our Team Leader, Allison.   No one else.  I booted the other 149 people from the blog.  This club is members only from today forward.

Welcome to "Go News"!  This is going to be the soul of our organization.  A place for news and updates.  A place to say thank you.  I place to admit mistakes and a place to celebrate good stuff.  Yammer will always be the best way to keep each other updated on what we are doing.  Go News is for slightly longer pieces.

Everyone is registered as an "author" on Go News.  You have a voice here.  We'll learn boundaries together.  I love posts with pictures and/or videos.  I love seeing each person's personality shine through.  I could care less about grammar, I prefer passion.

Controversy is welcome.  Commenting on other people's posts is encouraged.  I ask only that we always be respectful and give each other the benefit of the doubt.  I am 100% certain we all want Go Realty to succeed, but I am equally as certain that we all have slightly different ideas on how to do it.  That's cool.  Fortunately, our start-up is a benevolent dictatorship.  In my opinion, the ideal form of government.

This is about the longest post I ever want to see.  I better wrap up by saying...I am so proud to be working with you guys.  Thank you for believing that there must be a better way to do real estate.