Monday, January 11, 2010

Google Rankings Update

Here's the game...when people search for "Go Realty" we want them to find us!  We  have three BIG opportunities for this to happen...our main site, our facebook page, and our twitter account.  Right now, these are our rankings:

  • Go Realty Facebook, ranked 9th

  • Go Realty Twitter, ranked 12th

  • Go Realty Main Page, ranked 19th

Moving up the rankings is simple...we must provide dynamic content and get a bunch of other websites to link to ours.  Dynamic content means our content changes regularly.  If google visits our site and it is always the same as last time, then it will think we are boring and not rank us highly.  But if our site is constantly changing, they will love it.

Same with inbound links...the more other sites that link to our sites the better our rankings.  Inbound links show that the rest of the world values our website.  So it's going to be important that all of your websites for yourselves and listings link back to our website.  Etc.

I realize that moving to the top of the charts when people google our name is a modest goal...but it's a good start!  We don't want people distracted by all that other crap when they search for us.  And from this foundation, we can then work on our rankings for search words like "real estate, triangle, nc". 

Can I get an Amen?