Monday, January 4, 2010

Go Magic - Sharing the Adventure

This afternoon Zach shared with the team how he likes to send out "Meet the Clients" emails to his new clients and copy the whole team.  At first this seems a little hokey, but man, it is powerful.  And just to prove the point, Zach sent one out this afternoon to one of his recent buyer contracts and after we all PILED ON...the customer wrote back this note:
I wanted to Thank all of you for your warm welcome!!  My wife, Anne, and three kids, Jordana (6), Adeline (4) and Braxton (1) are very excited to be moving to Holly Springs and Sunset Oaks.  Poor Zach had to endure a lot of house hunting, but we finally found a great home that we are very excited about!  
I also very much appreciate your hospitality and openness to allow me to steal some office space.  I will probably take you guys up on that again in the very near future.  I have really enjoyed being around your office.  You have a fun, great staff and its easy to tell that you all enjoy working together.  I wish you luck as you start this new venture and I will definitely recommend Go Realty to anyone in the future.
Paul Burge

Just to remind you guys, Paul was the guy in our office the week before Christmas.  He camped out in one of our "private" offices with his laptop and got some work done on our speedy wireless.  (Good thing he didn't need to print anything!)  The way Zach just invited him to be part of our world and he did...this is our magic. 

So when those emails come...and they will come like crazy...take 15 seconds and pile on.  It really sets us a part from anyone else out there.  When we have 50 agents next year...well, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it!