Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Why so quiet?

Well...we have been crazy busy talking to a bunch of great agents out there!  What a fun time we have had the last few weeks.  One-on-one meetings have far exceeded our expectations, we have loved getting to know all of you!

If you are new to the it quickly!  We only recruit agents one time per year...our first class starts on 1/1/01.  Our next agents won't be invited to start until 1/1/11!  We'll pull this blog offline later this month and prepare for the arrival of the class of 2010!

Few notes:

  • Our furniture has arrived!  Our office is shaping up!  Come see us, stop by, use our wireless.  It's fast.

  • Jump on as a FAN of Go Realty on Facebook, we have had fun launching that site this week.

  • Read the entire many of the early posts define what we are all about.  Consider reading from the back and working your way forward.  There are about 60 posts.

Reach out to me or Allison with any questions.  Most days you can find me at the office or just outside pacing that curved wall and talking on my cell phone.  Allison is usually meeting with prospective team members in Starbucks or Carolina Cafe.  If you don't see her, wait a few minutes, she may just be in the bathroom.

What a great ride!  Thanks for reading and sending me your thoughts this fall.  Go.  |JG