Monday, December 7, 2009

Why Go?


Gian Hasbrock, MIRM, MCSP, CRS

When the world changes, as it has for real estate professionals over the last couple of years, you must change too to survive and thrive. A river that tries to hold on to its bank becomes stagnant; so it is with human beings. In these momentous times, if you do not reinvent yourself you risk being swept away as yesterday’s dust. So too with our business models. What worked yesterday does not work today and surely will not guarantee a successful tomorrow.

So when I was invited to be in the inaugural class of Oh Ten at Go Realty, I jumped at the chance to participate in a new and innovative real estate business model. It’s no coincidence that I will be surrounded by the best and the brightest in the industry with a century of collective experience. That’s what is needed for the 21st century. This high level of energy, enthusiasm, innovation and excellence teams up to create an incubator for the next real estate paradigm. One where the client is royalty; everyone gets the rock star treatment. Because customer satisfaction isn’t enough any more. These days if you don’t create raving fans in everything you do you might as well stop. Not me. I’m ready to Go. It’s time.